2013: Gilad Shalit


The 2013 award went to Gilad Shalit in the Israeli army.


Gilad Shalit was serving as a corporal on Israeli land when Hamas terrorists attacked his post, killed two of his fellow soldiers, and abducted him through an underground tunnel.
He was held captive in solitude for more than five years, and denied his basic rights as a prisoner of war. He kept his spirits and endured imprisonment.

The entire nation of Israel and her friends worldwide rallied behind Gilad Shalit. They prayed for his safety and demanded his release. On October 18th 2011, he was set free as a part of a prisoner exchange, where Israel made incredibly painfull sacrifices, releasing more than 1000 prisoners, collectively responsible for 569 Israeli lives.

This illustrates the indescribable and inhumane dilemmas Israel faces, having to make ethical, legal and security decisions based on Judeo-Christian values, in the face of people and organizations with blatant disregard for both life and death.

The committee behind the Kaare Kristiansen Memorial Award, honor him for his courage throughout captivity and his sacrifice for the sake of his country Israel.